Organizing a corporate gathering can indeed seem like quite the challenge, especially when your goal is to impress and move away from the usual meetings and dinners in a venue.

At Lemonjoy, we believe that events should go beyond just information sharing. They should be engaging, inspiring, and memorable. We understand that in the world of corporate gatherings, it’s easy to get stuck in uninspiring presentations and bland statistics, they can be as boring as a pie without its delicious filling.

So, how do you transform your corporate gatherings into experiences that leave a lasting impact?

We’ve been on a journey to change the way events are experienced. Throughout the years, we’ve seen first hand how interactive elements can breathe life into events, making them more engaging and enjoyable. That’s why we’ve compiled a diverse menu of experiences that can add a dash of excitement to your events. Let’s explore some of these options so you can breathe new life into your gatherings:

1. Selfie Booths: Selfie booths do more than just capture images; they capture the essence of your event. By personalizing the booth decor to reflect your brand, attendees can share genuine moments, take home lasting memories, and share their best pictures or videos on social media. To take it to the next level, you can make it an even more interactive experience by adding scents or sounds through headphones, immersing your guests in a completely different world.

2. Video mapping: Elevate your venue with dynamic visual displays that transport your audience to another dimension. Video mapping adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion to your event with stunning projections on the walls and tables, creating a mesmerizing display of images and lights.

3. Holograms & AR: Step into the future with holographic or augmented reality presentations that captivate and intrigue. These 3D visuals are not only impressive but also leave a profound impression on your audience. They also enable people from all over the world to connect in a much more personal way when a speaker can’t be physically present at the venue.

4. Team-building games: Fun activities and games are designed to foster camaraderie, encouraging both learning and laughter. These can include beach challenges, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, karaoke, go-karting, silent discos and much more.

5. Workshops and masterclasses: We understand that learning can and should be enjoyable. Examples of didactic activities can be: interactive makeup or cooking masterclasses, wine tasting or craft workshops such as soap or perfume making, flower arranging, a paint and sip, and pottery classes.

Whether your goal is to boost team morale or commemorate an industry milestone, your event should embody enjoyment, active participation, and the creation of lasting memories. Let’s work together to make your corporate events stand out for all the right reasons.